Monday, April 14, 2014

Meeting Mrs. Gray

Mrs. Gray

Is that really my name?  

On Saturday, April 5 at two o' clock in the afternoon I became Mrs. Gray.  Well, maybe it was more like at 2:36 after we had said our vows and exchanged our rings.  As I walked out of the church on the arm of my new husband I looked at his handsome face and was in awe that I was at that moment Mrs. Gray.  I went from being a Miss to a Mrs. in a matter of 45 minutes.

What a beautiful sight it was.  I truly had the wedding of my dreams.  

I may or may not be sitting here typing this while listening to my wedding playlist. 
Could life be any sweeter?  

As I saw our different spaces come together I would often end up in tears as I was overwhelmed with God's gracious goodness in my life.  I thought frequently of this thought running through my mind: "If not for His grace I don't know where I would be today."  

It was just three months ago that I began preparing to start a new life.  I was excited about a new beginning, but i was scared.  I was ready for adventure, but still wanted to hold onto what was comfortable and familiar.  

The night before my wedding as my soon to be husband and I were driving to our rehearsal dinner venue he looked at me and told me gently to remember to enjoy my day tomorrow.  He so sweetly reminded me that tomorrow was my day, and that I would only have one wedding day (because when we said our vows we meant it) and that I should soak in every minute. 

Soak in the moments I did.  

I spent moments watching my maids getting ready and thinking about how blessed I have been by their friendships.  I soaked in the sight of my three precious ring bearers getting ready and playing together.  I soaked in the look my mother had on her face as she was pampered with a professional hair and make up artist.  I soaked in the excitement of my sweet flower girl.  The anticipation of lining up, the prayer beforehand, and the moment that those doors opened and I saw my husband for the first time.  

The smile on his face absolutely blew me away.  
At that moment we were the only two people in the room.  
I was thrilled beyond words to be his bride. 

I promised to love and cherish him and just like that... Mrs. Gray I was. 

And as I sat across from this handsome man on the last night of our honeymoon I was in awe of the incredible blessing that God has given me.  To feel so loved and cherished brings a sense of safety and peace that I have only known through Jesus.  To know that I am someone's treasure touches my soul.  To see his heart in action leaves me speechless. 

We have been married for one week and one day and I couldn't be happier. 

I've previously been blogging over at #KidsMin Calling and while I will still be continuing to blog children's ministry ideas over there I wanted a space to share my life as a newlywed with the world while I continue to find where God wants me in Children's Ministry.  

Meet Mrs. Gray
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  1. Aww, I love it!! So sweet! And I love the tagline!! Can't wait to read more from your sweet little newlywed self! :)

    1. Thank you so much! I'm enjoying the ability to write with much broader topics on this blog! Love you my sweet blogging friend!


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